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What Time Can't Solve, You Have To Solve Yourself.

There comes a time in your life, where you go through the toughest situation you ever been in. For example a heartbreak you never seen coming and never knew could be possible. -Let me tell you exactly how i did this and how it completely changed who i am from falling apart to becoming so happy.
  I loved someone so much, he was my everything. Someone i had a positive feeling i was going to marry soon. We had ups and downs just like a lot of people. I loved him to the point i felt like i would never be able to live without him if we ever broke up.
 Well, one day he called me up and told me he didn't want me anymore, canceled the engagement ring, then left. I felt my heart ache so bad and at that very moment i wanted to shut down and never wake up. I instantly started apologizing for the way i acted, by not trusting him, constantly starting pointless arguments, stressing him out for no reason, breaking his heart with all the mean things id say to him when we argued bad. I begged h…